HATS²™ Micro Via Study for IPC/imec/ESA

The IPC's Microvia Task Group commissioned a test program to study the impact of various 3 layer microvia structures. This test report encompasses Soldering Process Survivability Testing, Reliability Testing and Robustness Testing performed using a HATS²™ tester. This test highlights the wide range of capabilities that the HATS²™ tester is capable of using both IPC "D" coupons and the patented HATS²™ Single Via Coupon*. Below is the video presentation made at the IPC Apex Expo Technical Conference in 2021 along with links to a PDF of the presentation itself along with the complete report the presentation was based upon.

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* U.S. Patent 10,379,153. German Patent 10 2019 006 553.0. Japanese Patent 7,291,045. Chinese Patent ZL 201922142627.1. Worldwide Patents Pending.
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