HATS™ & HATS²™ Test Services

HATS™, HATS²™ Single Via and IPC-2221B "D" coupon testing can be performed at the HATS²™ test service partners that are listed below. HATS™ Coupons can be tested at HATS™ test service partners. Our test service partners can also issue Passcodes that are required for use of the Traditional 4-net HATS™ Coupon Generator. Prior to thermal cycling, the test coupons may also be subjected to convection reflow simulation per IPC-TM-650 2.6.27 (Thermal Stress, Convection Reflow Assembly Simulation) in either a standard reflow oven or in a HATS²™ Tester where resistance is monitored during simulated reflow cycles.

Each HATS²™ Testing Order must be accompanied by a HATS²™ Test Request Form. This Form is a Microsoft Word Form that must be totally completed as the input from this form is used to generate the information found in the HATS²™ Test Report.

Please click here to Download HATS²™ Test Request Form

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159 Yigal Alon St. , Tel Aviv 6744367, Israel
Tel. +972-369-62132 Fax +972-369-62131

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NTS Anaheim
1435 S Allec Street, Anaheim, CA 92825
Tel. +1-714-999-1616 Fax +1-714-999-1636

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Microtek Laboratories China
No.19, Xinke Road, Electronic-Industrial Park, New District,
Changzhou, Jiangsu 213031 China
Tel. +86-519-84587805 Fax +86-519-85487810

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